Helpless Dog Dad Watches As Thief Steals Truck With His Beloved Pup Inside

A Florida man was left brokenhearted when his truck was stolen only minutes into a Louisiana visit. It wasn’t the truck Stuart Trahan mourned, though. His beloved Labrador Retriever was in the truck at the time of the theft. But this tale ends with a happy ending in the shape of a reunion just in … Read more

Beloved giant panda given to Taiwan by China dies aged 18 after seizures | Giant pandas

A panda given to Taiwan by China 14 years ago as a symbol of what were then warmer ties died on Saturday, after suffering seizures, Taipei zoo said. Tuan Tuan and his breeding mate Yuan Yuan were given to Taiwan by Beijing in late 2008, at a time when relations between the two were more … Read more

Man Stares In Horror As His Beloved Best Friend Is Electrocuted Right In Front Of Him

Much like many of our own furry family members, Ted, a four-year-old Poodle mix, loved to go on afternoon walks with his owner and best friend Erich. The pair was out for a walk after a rainstorm when an awful accident occurred, and sweet Ted was taken too soon. Both Ted and Erich received electric … Read more

Young Boy Abandons His Beloved Dog With Favorite Toy And Heartbreaking Note

All pet parents know exactly how much our animals mean to us—so choosing to give up a dog that you adore is probably an absolutely heartbreaking experience. But a 12-year-old-boy, who was painfully aware of the abuse his dog was suffering at home, acted out of true love and did everything he could to help … Read more

Beloved Guide Dog Dies After Being Forgotten In Trainer’s Scorching Hot Van For 5 Hours

When you send your beautiful black lab to an expert for training, you expect them to receive the highest quality of care. Michelle was excited for her guide dog and best friend Milton to learn an exciting new skill that would help her be able to spend more time inside a classroom. Now, her dreams … Read more

“Together forever.” Beloved Frenchie Unexpectedly Passes Away 15 Minutes After Dog Dad Loses Battle with Cancer

Stuart Hutchison of Alloa, Scotland died peacefully at home on August 11th. He was just 25 years old and had battled an aggressive form of brain cancer since he was a teenager. Stuart had a two-year-old French Bulldog, Nero, that he was inseparable with. There was also four-year-old Nala and then Amelia, but although Stuart … Read more

Skyrocketing Rents Force Families To Choose Between Beloved Pets And Housing

Rent costs have been rising steadily nationwide since the COVID-19 pandemic, making it increasingly difficult for hardworking families to live comfortably. With rent costs skyrocketing at such an alarming rate (up to 40% in popular cities like New York and Jacksonville), many are feeling the burden of financial hardship and having to make choices they … Read more