Dog Groomer Opened Shop In ‘Middle Of Night’ To Give Stray Dog Haircut & Found Beauty Beneath Matted Fur

A couple was driving down a highway in Florida’s Oviedo region when they came upon something that stopped them in their tracks. They noticed a dog walking along the side of the road and nearly colliding with traffic, and they did not know where he was going. They abruptly pulled over to see if everything … Read more

“Monster” Buried Him 6-Inches Beneath Mound Of Dirt And Officers On Scene Cried

This is a tragic example of the reality in today’s world. When police were sent to investigate a scream coming from bushes in Williston, Florida, they rushed over and got closer. When they arrived on the scene and got closer, they discovered something was buried. Image / Story Source Credit: Funky Smile / YouTube The … Read more