The Hidden Natural Health Benefit Fresh Catnip Offers Your Kitty

Some kitties like catnip. Others really like catnip. You know the cats I’m talking about. They roll all over the leaves and stems, wiggling, drooling, and leaving a shredded mass of damp, wilted plant bits in their wake. It turns out there is a scientific reason some cats do this. In addition to a pleasant … Read more

Somerset ‘super nature reserve’ will benefit UK’s rarest wildlife | Wildlife

At this time of year the booming call of the bitterns resonates across the Avalon Marshes in Somerset while hawks skim over the reed beds and great white egrets nest in the shallows. The pools and ditches are alive with rare reptiles, mammals, insects and spiders. Plans to improve the habitat for flora and fauna … Read more

Patient safety and QI: cost or benefit?

In 2014 an article appeared in the Journal of Small Animal Practice entitled “Patient safety: the elephant in the room”. In it, Catherine Oxtoby eloquently outlined the case for a “systems-based” approach to human error in the profession: instead of blaming individuals when accidents occur, we should view mistakes as an opportunity to learn and … Read more

Protected areas do not always benefit wildlife, global study finds | Conservation

National parks and other protected areas have had mixed success in conserving wildlife, according to the largest ever global study of their effects. Using wetland bird data from 1,506 protected areas around the world, scientists analyzed the trends of more than 27,000 populations, and found that increased provision for the birds had not necessarily helped. … Read more