Vetlife launches resource for veterinary workplaces affected by suicide

Vetlife is launching guidance for veterinary workplaces affected by suicide to accompany its postvention support service. Suicide postvention is the response and provision of support after a suicide, and is aimed at supporting recovery and to prevent further adverse outcomes in the aftermath, including the prevention of further deaths by suicide. Support The new guidance … Read more

CVS expands CPD with client care certificate

CVS said it is recognizing the crucial role played by receptionists in veterinary practice by expanding the CPD offering for front-of-house employees. It has launched a Level 4 Endorsed Certificate in Client Care for Veterinary Receptionists, tailored specifically to its receptionists’ needs – becoming, it said, the first in the sector to do so. Commitment … Read more

When great minds think alike – vet and doctor collaboration

From a study with the potential to provide rapid diagnosis of infections in both veterinary and human hospitals, to new treatment research for rabies – the success of initiatives like Humanimal Hub show that when animal and human medics and scientists come together, good things happen. When veterinarian and public health specialist Darryn Knobel first … Read more

Study project hopes to reduce veterinary suicide rate

A groundbreaking study hopes to find new ways of reducing the high rate of suicide in the veterinary profession by making workplaces safer. Funded by veterinary employers across the UK and The University of Edinburgh Business School, one of the core objectives of the interview study is to look at how limiting access to means … Read more