Dark matter and lithium water: 15 big issues poised to affect oceans and coastlines | Oceans

Then the spirit of the annual University of Cambridge–led horizon scan of emerging conservation issues, 30 experts from around the world last year put their heads together to brainstorm and assess the potential impacts to ocean and coastal ecosystems over the next decade of a spectrum of human activities. Their analysis, published in July in … Read more

Big Birthday Bully Stares Longingly At His Pupcake While His Family Sings

The footage of an adorable American Bulldog desperately wanting his birthday song to end so he can chow down on his birthday puppy has been delighting millions across the internet. And it’s easy to see why. The way the beaming birthday boy reluctantly refrains from jumping onto the table while practically pacing and making such … Read more

Big, Blind Dog Is Guided Through Life By The Sweet Sound Of His Feline BFF’s Meow

Usually, we hear of dogs guiding the blind, but one feline has happily embraced a species role swap to help her canine best friend navigate life. When fur and quill mom Robin Wagner adopted German shepherd/Greyhound mix Blaze, Satin the cat welcomed the extra-large canine into their Burlington, Vermont, home with open paws. Blaze was … Read more

Big 6: COVID – where do we go from here?

For the final installment of our Big 6 series, sponsored by Purina, we revisited the topics from our previous five articles and asked our panel the question: “Where do we go from here?” We asked former RCVS president and IVC chief medical officer Amanda Boag, veterinary business consultant Alan Robinson, practice owner Lorna Clark, Purina’s … Read more

Big Butterfly Count in UK begins with eyes on declining numbers | Butterflies

The apparent alarming absence of butterflies feeding on buddleia flowers this summer will be tested by the launch of the world’s largest insect survey. People are being urged to take part in the Big Butterfly Count today to help discover if anecdotal reports of a lack of butterflies reflect a wider reality across Britain this … Read more

Terrified Dog Rescued From Meat Farm Has A Big Surprise

When rescuers with Humane Society International finally gained access to a dog meat farm in Wonju, South Korea, hundreds of dogs were living in deplorable conditions. They were trapped by an industry that cared only for profit, and without outside help, their desperate fates would have been sealed. But after working tirelessly to free the … Read more

Welfare crisis highlighted as PFMA survey shows big numbers gave up pets last year

Almost one in eight UK households have given up a pet in the past year with financial pressures and living and working pattern changes among the main factors, a survey suggests. The cost of living crisis has already prompted warnings about the ability of the veterinary sector to withstand rising demand for services. And the … Read more

Big thumbs up for SVN’s sign language skills

A student nurse at Willows Veterinary Center and Referral Service played a vital role in a major operation to cure a dog’s lameness. Emma Paul, who is training at the West Midlands-based, Linnaeus-owned small animal hospital, was not directly involved in the surgery to repair a damaged cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) in a cocker spaniel, … Read more