Country diary: Avian flu is devastating the seabirds of the Northern Isles | Bird flu

Walking the Orkney shoreline, usually such a peaceful and calming activity, has been more disturbing of late. Along the strand, a succession of small bedraggled forms lie prone – victims of the avian flu ripping through the seabird populations of the Northern Isles and up the east coast of Britain. Crossing over to the Brough … Read more

Scientists join forces in major offensive against bird flu

Scientists are joining forces in a new £ 1.5 million research consortium to tackle avian influenza. The consortium has received the money from the Biotechnology and Biosciences Research Council and Defra to develop new strategies to tackle future bird flu outbreaks. Outbreaks occur each year due to the UK’s position in the migratory flight path … Read more

US bird flu outbreak: millions of birds culled in ‘most inhumane way available’ | Bird flu

The US poultry industry has increasingly switched to “the most inhumane method available” to cull tens of millions of birds during the latest outbreak of avian influenza, according to government data. Outbreaks of the disease, also known as bird flu, have wreaked havoc across Europe and the US this year, with 38 million birds killed … Read more

Birdwatch: the ruff – which was named first, the collar or the bird? | Environment

Sporting the splendid feathery collars that give the ruff its name, they reminded me of the foppish, preening courtiers of Tudor times. This trio of male ruffs, along with a much smaller female (known as a reeve) were frantically feeding at the RSPB’s Ham Wall reserve. This is one of their favored stopover points on … Read more

US egg factory roasts alive 5.3m chickens in avian flu cull – then fires almost every worker | Bird flu

Labourers at the one of the world’s largest egg factories arrived at the plant in Rembrandt, Iowa, early one morning in March to discover they were about to work themselves out of a job. As they gathered at the huge barns housing stacks of caged hens, the workers were told to forget about their usual … Read more

Should I feed a wild baby bird?

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the trees are growing and all the signs are there that spring is here, which only means one thing – baby bird season has begun! Unlike pigeons who breed all year round, our native garden birds typically breed in the warmer spring and summer months, with fledged chicks having the benefit of summer and autumn to grow and enjoy before the harsh winter months return. Sadly, every year nests get destroyed, adult birds die and orphan baby birds are found with no-one to care for them.

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Annual bird count in UK gardens raises hopes for greenfinch | RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

Greenfinch populations, which were previously in steep decline in the UK, are showing the first signs of recovery, according to the latest annual RSPB big garden birdwatch results. The citizen science survey gives a good idea of ​​how bird populations are faring in Britain. This year almost 700,000 people took part, counting more than 11 … Read more

Bird populations in Panama rainforest in severe decline, study finds | Birds

Bird populations in a Central American tropical rainforest are suffering severe declines, with likely factors including climate breakdown and habitat loss. Scientists from the University of Illinois tracked bird species in a protected forest reserve in central Panama to determine if and how populations had changed from 1977 to 2020. There are very few long-term … Read more