Birth of endangered red panda cub at UK zoo a ‘symbol of hope’ | Animals

When the protagonist of Pixar’s animated movie Turning Red morphs into a giant red panda, her chaotic transformation is anything but welcome. But at Paradise wildlife park in Hertfordshire the birth of a real-life endangered red panda cub has been celebrated as a “symbol of hope”. The mother, Tilly, gave birth to the cub, named … Read more

Pregnant Pit Bull Refused To Give Birth When Foster Mom Sees In Her Ultrasound

Chris and Mariesa are the ultimate dog lovers. They already had 12 dogs but welcomed 3 to 4 more. Here’s our story of how these love-sick doggy parents met their 12th dog ever, Jackson. Image Credit: YouTube / HooplaHa – Only Good News Chris and Mariesa’s visit to the shelter turned out to be just … Read more

Abandoned Sick Dog Gives Birth In The Middle Of Nowhere And They Starve For Weeks

A phone call about a mama dog and her pups dying in a remote field came into the Dog Rescue Shelter of Mladenovac, Serbia. When the employee arrived, he realized that finding the pups would be difficult because the field was just too big. But then he spotted an abandoned warehouse, and his instincts urged … Read more

Desperate Dog Gives Birth To Puppies In Dirt, Then Her Stomach Starts Hurting

When Lexus went into labor, she had nowhere to go. She crawled to a run-down backyard and cried throughout the night while giving birth to her pups. A family noticed Lexus and contacted “Hope For Paws. ” Image / Story Source Credit: Hope For Paws – YouTube Video When the rescuers arrived in the backyard … Read more