Thelkoloi: another tailings failure, this time in India – The Landslide Blog

Thelkoloi: another slag failure, this time in India On Thursday 20 January 2022 another slag failure occurred, this time at Thelkoloi in Odisha, India. The failure has been reported in some of the media in India, but not more widely. For example, the Hindustan Times reports that the failure was in a slurry pit from … Read more

Murgame: a debris flow game from the WSL – The Landslide Blog

Murgame: a debris flow game from the WSL recently highlighted that the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) has written an interactive game, Murgame, which highlights the risks of debris flows to mountain communities and which give the player experience of the effectiveness, and economics, of different types of mitigation. … Read more

Introducing Opera’s new Web3 initiative: Crypto Browser Project now available in public beta for Windows, Mac and Android – Blog

Hello, We’ve got some exciting news for Web3 enthusiasts out there. Today, we’re unveiling our new Crypto Browser Project, with beta versions of the new web browser immediately available for PC, Mac and mobile phones, providing a new web experience with Web3 at its core. We originally launched the first web browser with integrated cryptocurrency … Read more

Arhavi, Turkey: the appalling landslide impacts of new roads – The Landslide Blog

Arhavi, Turkey: the effects of the appalling landslide of new roads Over the last two decades the horrific impact of poor quality road construction on landslides in upland areas has become increasingly apparent. I have written about this issue in Nepal and India, but it is a global issue. And very interesting open access newspaper … Read more

Earthly Musings – My Travel and Geology Blog: Geology of the Eruption in Tonga

This satellite image taken by Himawari-8, a Japanese weather satellite, and released by the agency, shows a volcanic feather produced by the Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano on Saturday, January 15, 2022. It’s all over the news and there’s a good reason. At 16:28 local time in Tonga on January 15, a volcanic eruption of a powerful … Read more

Ouro Preto: a Brazilian landslide destroys historic houses – The Landslide Blog

Ouro Preto: Brazilian landslide destroys historic houses I’ve been writing about landslides in Brazil all week. To conclude it all, videos emerged yesterday of another landslide there, this time in the city of Ouro Preto in Minas Gerais. In fact, there are two amazing drone videos, and some additional cellphone videos, from this event. The … Read more

The Pau Branco landslide – video of the overtopping of the dam – The Landslide Blog

Pau Branco landslide – video of the dam overflow A video has now emerged online showing the flood dam dam just downstream of the Pau Branco landslide in Brazil on 8 January 2022. This video was probably collected by CCTV on site: – . At the beginning of the video it is clear that the … Read more

Flow from the mining landslide at Pau Branco – The Landslide Blog

Flow from the mining landslide at Pau Branco The mining landslide at Pau Branco caused a significant leak of mining waste, which appeared to have flowed into the water retention structure below. This image, from the Observatório da Mineração, shows the flow path: – 8 January 2022 landslide flow path at Pau Branco mine in … Read more