Climate change affecting animal body size, says study

New evidence shows some mammals get bigger in warmer settings, upsetting established norms and suggesting climate change may impact on animal body size. In a study published in Scientific Reportsrecent changes noted in treeshrew body size supersede two of the most studied ecogeographical rules on body size variation in species. A rule named after the … Read more

She Left Her Healthy Dog For A Quick Errand, Came Home To His ‘Stiff’ Body

We know that protecting our dogs is more essential than anything as loving dog owners. Their health, happiness, and well-being are all in our hands– as they are unable to look after themselves. We have to be cautious of what hidden dangers may harm our dogs, just like we would with toddlers. Source: Unsplash One … Read more

Ivory ban loophole means elephant body parts can still be traded in UK | Wildlife

Elephant skins, feet, ears and tails will continue to be traded in the UK even after next month’s ivory ban comes into force, it has been revealed. The government has been praised for its Ivory Act 2018, which comes into force on June 6, making the purchase and sale of elephant tusks punishable by fines … Read more

‘Forsaken’ Pup Cried For His Sister To Wake Up, Put His Paws On Her Little Body

There are so many heroes in this world and rescue stories. This particular story has a happy ending for this pup, we promise. Image / Story Source Credit: YouTube Video – AnimalStep Two young pups were cruelly set aside. They waited for someone to come to their rescue, knowing they could not survive on their … Read more

Honorary epidemiology body membership for RVC chief

The RVC’s principal has been awarded honorary life membership of the Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine (SVEPM). Stuart Reid CBE, who is also the RVC’s president, was awarded membership for his support of society and lifetime of service. Founded in 1982, the SVEPM has around 250 vet and non-veterinary members from 24 countries, … Read more