Faithful terrier Greyfriars Bobby may have been a different breed, book claims Animals

Greyfriars Bobby is likely to have been a different breed of terrier than previously thought, a new book suggests. The faithful pet, famous for sitting at his master’s graveside in Edinburgh for 14 years after his death in 1858, was thought to have been a Skye terrier. However, according to experts in the breed, Greyfriars … Read more

A New App Helps You Book Private Dog Parks For Your Shy Or Reactive Pups

Not all dogs enjoy the chaos that is the dog park. It can be a fun adventure for many furry friends, but the thought of being around multiple dogs can be exhausting for others. Shy or reactive pups don’t often get to explore new surroundings for this reason, which is why Sniffspot created a platform … Read more

Book explores animal welfare through the eyes of a vet

A former BVA president’s book that aims to put the veterinary profession and evidence-based information front and center of the animal welfare debate will hit the shelves later this month. Through a Vet’s Eyes: How We Can All Choose a Better Life for Animals, by Sean Wensley, is described as an “eye-opening polemic about our … Read more