Incomplete pentalogy of Cantrell in a border collie

A four-year-old male neutered border collie named Bo was presented to his first opinion practice with a week’s history of lethargy, exercise intolerance, weight loss, intermittent vomiting, and polyuria and polydipsia (PU/PD). Investigations included blood work – namely complete blood count (CBC), serum biochemistry, coagulation times, vitamin B12folate, trypsin-like immunoreactivity and canine pancreas-specific lipase – … Read more

British farmers face paying for border checkpoints in the EU after Brexit halts exports Brexit

British farmers are trying to set up red tape and border checks in France costing millions of pounds – and may even pay for it themselves. Breeders in Britain are unable to export their pedigree cattle, sheep and pigs to the EU because no one has built any border control posts where vets can check … Read more

Fleeing Ukrainians Struggle To Cross US Border With Their Dogs

Ukrainian pet owners have faced so many obstacles while fleeing the country with their furry friends. But sadly, these struggles only seem to worsen. Natasha Hrytsenko and her sister Ira were traveling to the United States from Ukraine to stay with their friends in Virginia. However, they refused to leave without Natasha’s Maltese named Eddie. … Read more

7 Dental Products, Chews, & Toys to Clean Your Border Collie’s Teeth

Just like with humans, a border collie’s dental health relates directly to their overall health. That’s what makes good dental hygiene so important (besides just keeping terrible breath at bay.) Unlike humans though, border collies can’t brush their own teeth regularly. Below we’ve compiled a list of 7 great products that clean your border collie’s … Read more

Border terriers at increased odds of Cushing’s syndrome – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

A study published in the April edition of the Journal of Small Animal Practice has found that the Border terrier, the Lhasa apso and Staffordshire bull terrier have increased odds of Cushing’s syndrome compared to crossbreed dogs in the UK primary-practice population. In what researchers say was the largest study of its type to date, … Read more