‘Come clean’, Defra told in fresh badger culling row

Defra has been accused of spreading confusion around its efforts to tackle bTB in a new flashpoint over badger culling. The Badger Trust has attacked what it sees as a lack of transparency on where intensive culls are now taking place and their expected impact on badger numbers. Defra officials insist the number of new … Read more

Concerns that badger culling will continue past the 2025 target

Badger culling in the UK could continue beyond 2025 amid the conflicting claims about whether the practice is effective in curbing the spread of bTB, Defra has admitted. Officials insist the department’s stance has not changed following the appointment of the new environment secretary Ranil Jayawardena, despite anti-cull protests taking place in his constituency. But … Read more

Calls to cut bTB badger culling as species at ‘extinction risk’

Badgers could be pushed into extinction in some areas of England if a new round of culling, intended to reduce the spread of bTB, goes ahead, welfare groups have said. Representatives of six leading organizations have called for an immediate suspension of the program, arguing that the current drought and recent heatwaves have created “desperate” … Read more

UK badger culling row set to go transatlantic

Researchers who found no link between badger culling and a reduction in bTB say they fear a new international conference paper may represent a fresh bid to justify the policy. The controversy over the scheme is set to cross the Atlantic through a presentation due to be given by a senior government official at a … Read more

APHA investment ‘critical’ in fight against diseases

The Government risks “devastating” consequences from future disease outbreaks if it does not provide the funding needed to redevelop the APHA’s Weybridge base, MPs have warned. The intervention comes after senior officials told the Commons Public Accounts Committee that research work there had to be delayed to prioritize responding to the recent bird flu outbreak. … Read more

Open letter demands badger culling moratorium amid row over bTB effects

Vets and academics have led a new call for a moratorium on badger culling to review its effectiveness in combating bTB. Politicians, former senior civil servants and charity leaders are among more than 30 individuals to have signed an open letter demanding an independent assessment after a study published earlier this year concluded the policy … Read more