A Box Was Left At Shelter And The Smell Was Horrible But Yet They Had To Open It

On their doorstep, shelter employees discovered a strangely sealed box. They were shocked when they heard desperate pleas for help coming from within the box. As they tried to open the package, they immediately recognized the noxious putrid stench that emanated from within. Image / Story Source Credit: Tails of a Shelter Vet / YouTube … Read more

Scared, Abandoned Pittie Wouldn’t Leave The Cardboard Box He Was Found In

Usually, it’s an adorable photo op when our dogs climb into packaging. This story of an abandoned Pit Bull and the cardboard plum box he slept in has a bit of a sadder explanation. Officers for DeKalb County Animal Services found the scrawny dog ​​lying in an empty plum box outside the shelter one morning. … Read more

Wooden Box Sat At Airport For Week, They Pry It Open And Unveil Something ‘Wicked’

An airport pickup box with numerous unfinished holes came without proper labeling. The workplace employees ignored the box and carried on with their tasks. Because it did not have the correct tags, it would be stowed among other items in the same condition. The container was roughly 16 inches tall and only said that it … Read more

Silly Munchkin Cat Owns The Internet With Toy Thieving & Box Wearing

When I was a wee cat lover, I regularly visited my grandparents’ house as they lived around the corner. Like my parents, they were cat lovers and always had an array of felines. And among their clowder, my grandparents always made sure to have a Siamese. Now, usually, every kitty they adopted wound up my … Read more