Boy With “Life-Limiting Condition” Cries Happy Tears After Meeting Special Puppy

13-year-old Oscar went through heart surgery in 2017. Now, his mom says that he “lives with a life-limiting condition.” The family has two adorable Labrador Retrievers who can comfort Oscar, but the boy has always expressed interest in a small dog that he could hold and cuddle more easily. So, when Oscar’s mom heard about … Read more

Boy rescued from Byron Bay pool with 3-meter python wrapped around legs | New South Wales

A five-year-old boy is recovering after surviving an attack by a giant python in his grandparent’s Byron Bay back yard. Beau Blake was swimming with his brother yesterday afternoon, his father, Ben, told 3AW Breakfast radio, when a 3-metre long python launched out of the nearby garden and latched onto Beau’s ankle. Beau rolled and … Read more

Boy Who Gets Bullied At School Comes Home One Day To A Puppy

Imagine a little boy, Jensen Stuart, nervously walking into school each day, knowing that he will be bullied. His grandparents wanted to do something special for him–something to take his mind off the pain. So they surprised him one day with a puppy waiting in a box by the door. Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: … Read more

Young Boy Abandons His Beloved Dog With Favorite Toy And Heartbreaking Note

All pet parents know exactly how much our animals mean to us—so choosing to give up a dog that you adore is probably an absolutely heartbreaking experience. But a 12-year-old-boy, who was painfully aware of the abuse his dog was suffering at home, acted out of true love and did everything he could to help … Read more

Stray Turned Service Dog Changes Everything For Boy With Rare Disorder

Jameson Wall, a 7-year-old autistic boy from Tennessee, was born drug-dependent and later diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder. His early years have been a series of doctor visits and hospital stays. In other words, it hasn’t been easy for young Jameson. Life was also difficult for Brucey, a stray dog ​​who ended up at … Read more

Hungry Boy Desperate For Crisps Is Foiled By Narrow Train Seats

From the moment Huxley the Golden Retriever laid eyes on the bag of Walkers Supreme Prawn Cocktail Crisps sitting on his mom’s tray table, he had a goal. Huxley was going to get his paws on those crisps one way or another. Huxley’s human, a London-based photographer named Ursula, regularly posts photos and videos of … Read more

Is my boy dog ​​really a girl? Cocker spaniels and canine sex reversal

Can you imagine discovering for the first time that your male dog is actually a female? This would certainly be a very confusing time for you! This can in fact be the case in some dog breeds and canine sex reversal is unusually common in cocker spaniels. This article intends to dive into the world of canine sex reversal and aims to provide a basic understanding of this topic.

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‘Like a scene out of Jaws’: British boy attacked by sharks in Bahamas | Bahamas

An eight-year-old British boy has been attacked by sharks while on holiday in the Bahamas. Finley Downer was surrounded by three nurse sharks while swimming in a lagoon last week, his family said, before he was pulled to safety after suffering bites on both legs. Finley was then taken to a clinic in the capital, … Read more

Boy Was Saving Up To Buy Puppy, Grandma Asks Him To Close His Eyes & Stretch His Arms

6-year-old Xander Mellor from Springfield, Illinois, had been saving up for the past 18 months to buy a puppy. When Natalie Ellenburg came home from work, he would politely ask her for the change she had on her and deposit it in his savings jar. Image/Story Source Credit: Caters Clips via YouTube Video Xander had … Read more