Protective Pup Stays By The Side Of Lost Boy Until Authorities Arrive

It was during a warm Saturday afternoon in Texas that five-year-old Jose and his mother, Jasmine, laid down for a midday nap. What’s better than an afternoon nap on a hot day? But when she woke-up a short time later, Jasmine was almost instantly aware that something was not right. Not long after she woke-up, … Read more

Drew Barrymore Surprises Boy Who Donated Over $ 5,000 To Animal Shelter

Actress Drew Barrymore recently welcomed 8-year-old Connor Vece from Connecticut onto The Drew Barrymore Show. Connor might be young, but he is more generous and compassionate than many adults. He spends lots of time raising money for animal shelters, and he has gathered over $ 5,000 to help dogs in need. So, Barrymore thought Connor … Read more

Once A Pawn, Blind Boy Now Wheeled Around In Wagon Needs Family

An affectionate, blind boy named Turkey, who was rescued from a suspected dogfighting operation, now gets wheeled around in a special wagon and is looking for a forever home. This sweet snuggler was rescued during the largest dogfighting raid in Michigan history. On that day, Bark Nation, along with local law enforcement, rescued 108 abused, … Read more