What dog breed is friendliest?

If you are looking for a puppy or dog to add to your family, you may be giving some thought as to what breed you would like to choose. One of the factors you might be considering is how friendly the breeds are; especially if you have small children at home. So, can we choose a breed that’s likely to be friendly?

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Vet MP makes ‘breed and deed’ calls to Government on dangerous dogs

MP Neil Hudson has called on the Government to deliver an evidence-based policy that considers “breed and deed” for protecting people and animals from dangerous dogs. At a debate held by Christina Rees, MP for Neath, Dr Hudson – who, as MP for Penrith and The Border, is the only vet in the House of … Read more

New Study Finds Breed Has Little To Do With Your Dog’s Behavior

A new study may help dispel negative stereotypes associated with individual dog breeds. Researchers at the UMass Chan Medical School identified 11 locations along the canine genome that are strongly associated with behavior. Surprisingly, none of them are specific for breed. The scientists collected DNA sequences from more than 2,000 purebred and mixed-breed dogs, as … Read more

UK guide dog charity seeks brainy puppies to help breed problem-solvers | Dogs

Researchers are hoping to unleash a generation of smarter guide dogs by studying the cognitive behavior of puppies and finding out who the clever boys and girls really are. Guide Dogs, the sight loss charity, will analyze the responses of eight-week-old puppies to see which ones best handle surprises, how they interact with human voices … Read more

‘Life tables’ study sheds light on dog breed life expectancy

Researchers hope findings in a massive study on dog life expectancy could be central to helping vets steer owners away from brachycephalic breeds. Breeds with the greatest and lowest life expectancies were studied, with French bulldogs having the shortest at 4.5 years and Jack Russell terriers the highest at 12.7 years. The average age life … Read more

Dog behavior has little to do with breed, study finds | Animal behavior

From sociable labradors to aggressive pitbulls, when it comes to canine behavior there are no end of stereotypes. But research suggests such traits may have less to do with breed than previously thought. Modern dog breeds began to emerge in the Victorian era and are often physically distinct – for example, great danes are huge … Read more

Google Sues Owner Of Scam Website Claiming To Breed & Sell Puppies

Google has filed a lawsuit against a website owner that is accused of running an online puppy scam. This person took advantage of the high demand for puppies during the pandemic and stole thousands of dollars from pet lovers in the process. The culprit, Nche Noel Ntse, is under investigation for setting up a website … Read more