Staffy’s Adorable Sign Helps Break Breed Stereotypes

When people walk past dogs in their yards, they often gush at how adorable they are. But sadly, breeds labeled as Pit Bulls, such as Staffordshire Bull Terriers, get mixed reactions when they play outside. Many dog ​​lovers adore them, but some people look at them in fear or disgust because of hurtful breed stereotypes. … Read more

What Breed of Dog Has the Most Genetic Problems?

As a consequence of unregulated breeding, historical breeding standards, pure chance, and a host of other factors, almost all dog breeds are prone to genetic diseases. Most dog owners are aware of one or two that are common in their pet’s breed. Some very dedicated owners may know all the common genetic diseases within that breed, and even take steps to test for them. This raises the question of which dog breed has the most genetic problems?

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Can you #FindThatLizard? One scientist is tapping the tools of social media to transform her field breed

For five years now, obscure amphibians and reptiles have been scurrying on to the internet as part of a wildly popular social media science challenge, #FindThatLizard. The Twitter and Instagram campaign, created by Earyn McGee, a 27-year-old Los Angeles-based herpetologist, does more than just share McGee’s obsession with lizards and their kin; it seeks to … Read more

What cat breed is the healthiest?

There are quite a large number of cat breeds to choose from – when looking for a cat do you go for appearance? Do you want long or short hair? What colors or personalities are you looking for? Do you pick those that look cute and cuddly, or do you not worry about appearance but care how healthy they will be?

Some ailments we cannot help, your cat may develop them no matter what you do or what breed they are, however there are also some breeds of cats whose genetics are intrinsically linked to their health and welfare… let’s explore this.

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Faithful terrier Greyfriars Bobby may have been a different breed, book claims Animals

Greyfriars Bobby is likely to have been a different breed of terrier than previously thought, a new book suggests. The faithful pet, famous for sitting at his master’s graveside in Edinburgh for 14 years after his death in 1858, was thought to have been a Skye terrier. However, according to experts in the breed, Greyfriars … Read more

What dog breed is friendliest?

If you are looking for a puppy or dog to add to your family, you may be giving some thought as to what breed you would like to choose. One of the factors you might be considering is how friendly the breeds are; especially if you have small children at home. So, can we choose a breed that’s likely to be friendly?

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Vet MP makes ‘breed and deed’ calls to Government on dangerous dogs

MP Neil Hudson has called on the Government to deliver an evidence-based policy that considers “breed and deed” for protecting people and animals from dangerous dogs. At a debate held by Christina Rees, MP for Neath, Dr Hudson – who, as MP for Penrith and The Border, is the only vet in the House of … Read more