Family Brings Dog To Be Euthanized Because They “Don’t Want To Care For Her Anymore”

Old Dogs Home is a large, rural home with 11 acres on which resides 35-year-old Melissa in Conyers, Georgia. When she started a rescue called Old Dog Home to help her fulfill her dream of rescuing old dogs in need of some TLC, she could never have imagined how much the organization would grow. “For … Read more

Owner Brings Puppy To Be Euthanized For “Not Playing”, Rescuers Were Able To Intervene Quickly

Simba was discarded in Cape Town, South Africa, because he wasn’t like all the other “normal” dogs. For a long time, Simba had been sick and sad, according to zenoonee. Simba wouldn’t be very energetic or joyful; this was why his former owners chose to abandon him. He was discovered by a rescue team and … Read more

‘Itchy, yucky, unpleasant’: wet weather brings leech invasion to NSW suburbs | New South Wales

Relentless rainfall has sparked a leech invasion in New South Wales, with no reprieve in sight for already damp dwellings. The blood-sucking creatures have been attracted into suburban areas, where higher than normal rainfall and humidity are providing suitable conditions to feed. Linda Campbell has been batting off leeches in her Winmalee home in the … Read more

PHI Direct Brings “Fluff-Free” Pet Insurance Direct To Canada’s Dogs & Cats

When you adopt a dog, you know part of responsible pet parenting is taking your pup to the veterinarian for yearly checkups. You also understand minor illnesses and injuries can happen too. But nobody wants to think about a medical disaster. No one wants to believe something major can devastate their family, but sadly, the … Read more

Woman Brings Dog To Office For Months, Thinking It’s A Doggy Daycare

We all make mistakes, but some are certainly more severe than others. For months, one busy dog ​​mom continuously made an embarrassing mistake that she’ll never forget. Somehow, she mixed up an accountant’s office with the doggy daycare across the street. While most would figure out the truth after one visit, this confusion went on … Read more

Cat Brings Home Trashy Gifts, So Dad Creates Collar Camera To Learn Origin

Have you ever wondered what a day outside brings to your cat? Cat dad and documentary filmmaker Derek sure did, so he crafted a collar camera to capture his kitty Gonzo’s escapades. But curiosity over a typical day in a cat’s life was not his only motivation. You see, Gonzo likes to bring his family … Read more