Forget Me Not by Sophie Pavelle review – a fan letter to Britain’s unsung species | Science and nature books

Sophie Pavelle has been busy. A science writer, presenter, maker of podcasts, ambassador for the Wildlife Trust and adviser to the RSPB, she’s also spent much of the last two years roving from Cornwall to Orkney in search of 10 species whose fortunes have been affected by human-induced climate change. More impressive still, she’s done … Read more

Britain’s largest butterfly at risk as fungal pathogens kill food source | Butterflies

Britain’s largest butterfly may be at risk from fungal pathogens that have caused a drastic die-back of the rare plant on which its caterpillars feed. The swallowtail is only found breeding at 16 sites in Britain, all on the Norfolk Broads, where milk parsley grows. But last summer more than 90% of the milk parsley … Read more

Britain’s birds of prey are back from the brink of extinction – and live on webcam | Birds

The watch in delight as an osprey lands on a Scots pine, bringing a huge fish back to its hungry chicks. Moments later, I have close-up views of a red kite, its nest swaying to and fro in the breeze. Finally, I witness the first flight of a young peregrine – the fastest living creature … Read more

‘The next parakeet’: Britain’s dawn chorus at risk from Asian songbird | Birds

A brightly colored subtropical songbird from Asia could colonize Britain’s gardens and change the dawn chorus for ever, a new paper warns. The highly invasive red-billed leiothrix could threaten native bird populations, particularly competing with garden birds such as the robin and blackbird, researchers say. Early signs suggest this little bird – olive green with … Read more

A wing and a prayer: is there hope for Britain’s loneliest bat? | Endangered species

Thena dank, disused railway tunnel in West Sussex hangs a brown, furry parcel, the sole known representative of Britain’s rarest mammal. Scientists do not like to apply emotive adjectives to animals, but if ever there were a lonesome creature, it would be this greater mouse-eared bat. The bat’s reappearance in December for its 20th winter … Read more

Britain’s butterflies bolstered by conservation efforts | Butterflies

Some of the UK’s most threatened butterflies weathered a poor year in 2021 thanks to conservation efforts, annual survey results have shown. The woodland-loving heath fritillary has doubled in abundance in the past decade, although it is 90% down on 1980 levels. The silver-studded blue also did well, recording its best year since 1996. The … Read more