Why British beef is more environmentally friendly than you might think

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Gases collectively known as Green House Gases (GHG) are responsible for climate change; the main ones are carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, nitrous oxide and F-gases. How does agriculture – livestock farming – contribute GHGs to the atmosphere? Where does the carbon come from, and where does it go?

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Let’s turn our hands to British Sign Language Letters

Could I suggest that Richard Simcott gives British Sign Language a go (Experience: I speak more than 50 languages, 12 August)? It has faced centuries of oppression and at times in history has been banned in the most cruel ways (schoolchildren punished for signing, for example). The UK did not recognize BSL as an official … Read more

‘Like a scene out of Jaws’: British boy attacked by sharks in Bahamas | Bahamas

An eight-year-old British boy has been attacked by sharks while on holiday in the Bahamas. Finley Downer was surrounded by three nurse sharks while swimming in a lagoon last week, his family said, before he was pulled to safety after suffering bites on both legs. Finley was then taken to a clinic in the capital, … Read more

British farmers face paying for border checkpoints in the EU after Brexit halts exports Brexit

British farmers are trying to set up red tape and border checks in France costing millions of pounds – and may even pay for it themselves. Breeders in Britain are unable to export their pedigree cattle, sheep and pigs to the EU because no one has built any border control posts where vets can check … Read more

Rare colored sea slug spotted in British waters for the first time Marine life

An extremely rare multi-colored sea slug has been spotted in British waters for the first time. The multi-colored sea slug, Babakina Anadonimeasures just 2cm in length and was confirmed as a first sighting by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust and the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust. It was spotted off the Isles of Scilly by Allen … Read more

The Guardian view on British butterflies: declining beauty | Editorial

The British are remarkably lucky, lepidopterally speaking: some of the most common butterflies to frequent the country are staggeringly beautiful. The peacock, with its four spectacular “eyes” set on wings of velvet burgundy, is a glorious sight as it suns itself, wings held open. The modest common blue, sometimes seen in urban gardens, has a … Read more

The British government must lead the way on animal welfare | Letters

We are concerned by reports of the government abandoning its manifesto commitments to an animals abroad bill (Tory row as law barring import of hunting trophies set to be axed, 14 March). Quite apart from the welcome promise of an end to trophy hunting imports, the bill’s other leading measures are greeted across parties and … Read more