A Good Brush | My Shetland

I brushed the Minions today. It was hard work mostly because once I started, I decided I should brush them all. All eight of them. I had not planned this. Silver – who was actually a very good boy and went to sleep while I sorted out his mane and tail. Dearest Vitamin who just … Read more

What’s the best brush for a dog?

Dogs come in various shapes and sizes and require different types of care depending on their breed. One vital part of canine care is grooming, which should be carried out periodically depending on your dog’s coat type. There are different types of fur, with some dogs having curly fur, double-coated fur, fur that grows more like hair and some dogs that don’t even have fur at all! But what is the best brush for a dog? Let’s look at the different types of brushes that are available and what breeds they would suit best.

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Puppy Discarded In The Road ‘Scurries Off’ To The Brush, Emerges With A “Posse”

A motorist phoned the cops after seeing an abandoned puppy dangerously close to the road. The team prepared for the rescue and drove several miles before coming upon a dirt road. In the distance, they could see a tiny puppy sitting beside a crumbling pillar. When volunteer rescuers arrived to discover a pup all alone, … Read more