Heroic Pit Bull Dies Saving Kids From Mountain Lion Attack

Lady, a 2-year-old Pit Bull/Chihuahua mix, loved her family more than anything. Whenever the family’s four kids would play outside, Lady wouldn’t be far behind. Until recently, playtime was relaxing and fun, but when a mountain lion approached the yard, Lady’s protective side kicked in. In a horrific showdown, Lady fought the massive mountain lion … Read more

Drama Queen Pit Bull ‘Faints’ In Slow Motion To Avoid Getting Nails Clipped

Grooming appointments with your pet may be a delightful experience or somewhat of a living nightmare. Some pets welcome having their coats washed, combed, and cleaned up, while others do everything they can to avoid these events. Image / Story Source Credit: RM Videos via YouTube In this video, a pit bull is shown to … Read more

Lost Pit Bull Swims For Several Miles After Falling Off Shrimp Boat

A Pit Bull known as “Monster” is not as scary as she sounds. She’s a sweetheart who loves being near the water, especially when it’s with her human, Kieth Soffes. Monster loves going on daily trips out of San Leon, Texas, on her human’s shrimp boat. However, even the strongest swimmers can get into trouble … Read more

No One Helped Her Because She’s A Pit Bull So She Roamed The Streets In ‘Agony’

People began to turn their backs on her when she needed assistance the most. What is the reason for this? It’s because she’s a Pit Bull. She born into a breed that has a negative reputation. She did not seek out this title, which barely reflects a tiny fraction of these dogs classified as dangerous. … Read more

Neighbors Spot A Starving Pit Bull Trapped On The Top Floor Of A Crumbling House

As if living life as a homeless pup isn’t hard enough, imagine finding a place that you thought was safe, only for it to start crumbling around you. For weeks, a sweet stray Pittie now named Lily was stuck high up in an abandoned house, all by herself. But brave rescuers refused to give up … Read more