Bullied Puppy Shook, Stayed On Rock Pile So They Couldn’t Get To Him

A family reached out to Sidewalk Specials, a wonderful rescue group in South Africa, and asked them for help. Their dog had a litter of puppies but one of the babies, the runt of the litter, wasn’t doing well. He shook uncontrollably and wasn’t eating or sleeping. The other puppies bullied him. He climbed up … Read more

Boy Who Gets Bullied At School Comes Home One Day To A Puppy

Imagine a little boy, Jensen Stuart, nervously walking into school each day, knowing that he will be bullied. His grandparents wanted to do something special for him–something to take his mind off the pain. So they surprised him one day with a puppy waiting in a box by the door. Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: … Read more

Man Bullied By Employer And Paid In Pennies Donates $ 1,000 To Rescue Dogs

We’ve all had horrible bosses at one point. They’re miserable and their unhappiness seems to soak into the hearts of all of their employees. You probably saw the news recently where a man’s boss thought he got the last laugh, but if you did not let me catch you up. Andreas Flaten worked for A … Read more

Woman With Service Dog Bullied By Security At Dinosaur Attraction

Lisa Lima from Colorado trains service dogs and has a service dog of her own. So, she’s very familiar with the service dog laws in her country. Unfortunately, many people who own and work at businesses are not. Lima occasionally runs into disputes about her service dog when she goes out in public. During a … Read more