20 Food Recommendations for Pit Bulls with Sensitive Stomachs

I feed Pro-Plan salmon/rice for sensitive stomach and skin, chicken/poultry makes mine break out in rashes, itchy,,, the Pro-Plan works great, no problems👍 Upvotes: 12 We are on hills science sensitive skin & stomach, still not 100% solid stool. Be careful with grain free foods, another friend’s pittie is dealing with heart issues linked to … Read more

Spanish region urges ‘respect for bulls’ following injuries at fiestas | Spain

Authorities in the eastern Spanish region of Valencia are calling on festival goers not to “lose respect for bulls” after seven people were killed by the animals during this year’s bous al carrer bull-running fiestas. The ongoing summer festivities – which translate as “bulls on the street”, and which are held in towns and villages … Read more

Dog Owner Posts Message To Neighbor Who Thinks Pit Bulls Are “Vicious”

Pit Bull owners are used to facing unfair discrimination and negativity based on society’s misguided belief that their dogs are aggressive fighters. The breed in general battles the “mean dog” stereotype on a daily basis, but one dog owner took to Imgur to send a message about breed discrimination. Image Source: Imgur/FreeTimeResults Imgur user FreeTimeResults … Read more

7 Dental Products, Chews, & Toys to Clean Your Pit Bull’s Teeth

Just like with humans, a pit bull’s dental health relates directly to their overall health. That’s what makes good dental hygiene so important (besides just keeping terrible breath at bay.) Unlike humans though, pit bulls can’t brush their own teeth regularly. Below we’ve compiled a list of 7 great products that clean your pit bull’s … Read more

Baby Shoves Her Finger In Pit Bull’s Mouth And Dog ‘Launches’ Himself At Her Face

If you love Pit Bulls like we do, then you’re going to LOVE this story! Maverick the Pit Bull fell in love with baby Mia the first time he set eyes on her. The sweet-natured boy volunteered to be the baby’s nanny dog ​​and keep a vigilant eye on her at all times. Image / … Read more