Puppy Buried Alive on a Beach is Now Thriving with Foster Fail Family

We told the shocking story of a puppy found buried alive on a Hawaiian beach earlier this year. Although the machete-wielding abuser has not been identified, this story has a very happy ending. We are thrilled to share that this spirited dog is living a happy and healthy life with the loving family who fostered … Read more

“Monster” Buried Him 6-Inches Beneath Mound Of Dirt And Officers On Scene Cried

This is a tragic example of the reality in today’s world. When police were sent to investigate a scream coming from bushes in Williston, Florida, they rushed over and got closer. When they arrived on the scene and got closer, they discovered something was buried. Image / Story Source Credit: Funky Smile / YouTube The … Read more

Refuse Operator Discovers Puppy Buried In Trash Inside Apartment Dumpster

David Carlson, a refuse operator, was emptying the garbage bins at an Ohio apartment complex when he noticed something unusual. He saw a puppy in one of the bins, struggling underneath trash bags. Carlson had no idea what to do, but he knew he could not leave the dog like that. The puppy is a … Read more

Puppy Buried His Face In ‘Denial’ After He Sees His Mom Being Crushed By A Car

Marley the puppy began his life on Earth with the worst possible start, leaving his soul damaged and beaten. He was brought into this world on the mean streets, but his homeless mother dog did her best to care for him. But when Marley’s mother was killed by a vehicle, his little bubble of security … Read more