Rare sighting of common octopus captured on camera off Cornish coast – video | UK news

Huge numbers of octopus have been seen along Cornwall’s coastline this month in what experts are describing as a ‘bumper year’ for sightings. Conservation officers now believe this could be evidence of an octopus population boom – an event last recorded along England’s south coast more than 70 years ago. Divers and snorkellers have reported … Read more

Dad Pointed His Camera At The Door Knowing His Dog Was In For A “Reunion Of A Lifetime”

Reunions between pets and their family members are usually filled with joyous tears and embraces. Dogs who have seen their military parents or relatives after a long absence are some of the most tear-jerking and joyful videos on the internet. Just ask Oshie, the Golden Retriever, who missed his soldier mom so much that he … Read more

US Drone Pilot Uses Infrared Camera To Save Trapped Ukraine Pets

Doug Thron travels around the world to save abandoned pets during natural disasters. Amid events like hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires, he uses his drone to locate life in destroyed buildings. He recently moved his rescue work to Kyiv, Ukraine, to save all the innocent pets that are trapped in the rubble. The infrared camera on … Read more

Dad Put Camera In Car To Show 4-Dogs ‘Flipping Out’ When They Hear They’re Going To The Dog Park

We all remember the thrill we experienced when our parents took us to the park as children. Those are memories you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. It’s no different with dogs. They’re just bigger kids, after all! You’re going to LOVE this video and be sure to watch ALL the way to the … Read more

Chilling Camera Footage Captures A “Ghost” Removing A Dog’s Collar

Ok, you’re reading this and probably thinking, a ghost took off a dog’s collar, whatever. Either you do not believe in specters, or perhaps you feel there’s no way a ghost is going to mess around with a dog’s collar. But watch the video. It will change your mind. And once you see the end, … Read more

The Search Is On For The Person Caught Abusing Dog On Ring Doorbell Camera

Horrific abuse was recently captured on a Ring doorbell camera in the early hours of the morning. As the abuser walked their dog along the sidewalk, they soon began to slam the dog on the ground and drag them along the pavement. Investigators in the Southeast Washington DC area are searching for the person responsible … Read more

Hidden camera gets first live UK footage of wild white-tailed eagle hatching | Birds

A hidden camera has captured the first live UK footage of a wild white-tailed eagle hatching. Staff at RSPB Scotland’s Abernethy nature reserve in Perthshire, where the eaglet hatched, described it as being “such a special moment”. It comes after eggs were first spotted in a nest being used by eagles Shona and Finn early … Read more

Cat Brings Home Trashy Gifts, So Dad Creates Collar Camera To Learn Origin

Have you ever wondered what a day outside brings to your cat? Cat dad and documentary filmmaker Derek sure did, so he crafted a collar camera to capture his kitty Gonzo’s escapades. But curiosity over a typical day in a cat’s life was not his only motivation. You see, Gonzo likes to bring his family … Read more