Cancer drug breakthrough saves Smithy

A keen canine swimmer is back in the water following treatment with what is being hailed as an exciting new anti-cancer drug. Vets at North Downs Specialist Referrals (NDSR) believe the verdinexor treatment represents a major breakthrough as, unlike traditional chemotherapy, it is not toxic. The drug is an oral treatment given twice weekly at … Read more

“Together forever.” Beloved Frenchie Unexpectedly Passes Away 15 Minutes After Dog Dad Loses Battle with Cancer

Stuart Hutchison of Alloa, Scotland died peacefully at home on August 11th. He was just 25 years old and had battled an aggressive form of brain cancer since he was a teenager. Stuart had a two-year-old French Bulldog, Nero, that he was inseparable with. There was also four-year-old Nala and then Amelia, but although Stuart … Read more

Grieving Dad Takes Senior Dog With Cancer On One Last Walk To Own

No one ever wants to have to say goodbye forever to their best friend. But when given the chance, many would prefer to let their beloved dogs go peacefully instead of painfully succumbing to disease. That dreaded moment of acceptance is one that sticks with you for a long time. On Twitter, Toronto resident Dale … Read more

Skin cancer in cats – do cats really need sunscreen?

While most of us are enjoying the rising temperatures and basking in the beautiful sunshine, our cats are doing the same. There’s nothing more our cats like than lying in a patch of sunlight or stretching out on the windowsill taking in the rays. When the sun’s out, we know to protect our skin, regularly apply sun cream, stay hydrated and look for shade when needed. So should we be protecting our cats too? And why?

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Are there specialist cancer vets?

Finding out that your beloved pet has cancer can be a very difficult and anxious time for any owner. So it’s reassuring to know that there are vets who are specially trained in treating this frightening disease. Veterinary cancer specialists, or Oncologists, have undergone a specialist program of training and study; learning the latest treatments and techniques to diagnose and treat cancers in animals. Most veterinary oncologists mainly treat cats and dogs who have been referred by their regular veterinary surgeon.

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New inhaled immunotherapy fights lung cancer in dogs

Scientists have discovered that a protein naturally produced by the body could be an important new immunotherapy drug against cancer. Medical and veterinary oncologists at UC Davis and other institutions have carried out a study in 21 pet dogs of various breeds with metastatic lung disease from osteosarcoma and melanoma by treating them with inhaled … Read more

Elderly Man Dying Of Cancer Breaks Down While Saying Final Goodbye To His Dogs

The casual brutality of death and disease has always been a merciless reminder of the transitory nature of life. This is the heart-rending story of a dying Grandpa and his 2 loyal dogs named Arong and Asoon, who are haunted by their impending farewell. This is an absolute heartbreaker and you’ll need those tissues handy. … Read more

Three-legged dog with cancer saves baby otter in Minnesota river drama | Minnesota

A rescue of a drowning baby otter from a near-freezing river in Minnesota was remarkable not only for the successful outcome but for the identity of the rescuer – a tiny three-legged dog waging its own battle for survival with cancer. Wildlife officials said the otter would probably not have survived without the intervention of … Read more

Three-Legged Dog Fighting Cancer Rescues Baby Otter From River

Gus the Goldendoodle recently had his leg amputated after being diagnosed with cancer. Without his back leg, he can still run and play like he used to, but many everyday things have been an adjustment. His family wasn’t sure if he’d be able to swim again, but Gus didn’t want to wait to find out. … Read more