Tiny Dog Huddled Under Car As Dad Wept For Him To Come Home

This Chihuahua may be small, but he does a really big job. He keeps his father company at his assisted living facility and provides emotional support as his father heals from multiple strokes and navigates his life post kidney transplant. But then, one day, he mysteriously disappeared while his father was inside the grocery store. … Read more

Man Willing to Sell Car and Lose Job to Save His Canine Friend

R&B musician Randy Etter knew something was wrong with his dog, Gemini, when the pup started vomiting. Also concerning was the rapid weight loss—from 95 to 70lbs—Gemini had experienced over a very short period of time. Randy Etter/Facebook The culprit? An intestinal blockage caused by swallowing a plastic bottle top three weeks earlier while playing. … Read more

She Was Thrown Out Of Her Home And Then Hit By A Car, She Sat In Pain For Hours

For days, a small homeless Poodle was seen huddled against a wall on the streets of South Los Angeles. The dog had been injured in a hit-and-run and sat through the pain for hours. Finally, someone calledRescue From The Hart“to help the poor animal. Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: Rescue From The Hart via YouTube … Read more

Hungry Stray Walks Up To Stranger’s Car, Man Makes The ‘Mistake’ Of Offering Food

As the saying goes, if you feed an animal even once, it will stick around forever. This stray dog ​​didn’t even wait to see the food before making himself right at home! The dog walked up to the stranger’s car and the man asked him “Do you want something to eat?” Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source … Read more