Man sues Sainsbury’s for banning his assistance cat | Disability

Chloe the assistance cat could make legal history with her handler, Ian Fenn, after Sainsbury’s refused to allow her into one of her shops. Fenn, who has autism and has trained the black cat to be a support for him, is taking legal action against the supermarket. He says Chloe prevents sensory overload and should … Read more

Why does my cat follow me everywhere?

Cats are known for being “the independent pet”. However, like with any species, each individual has their own personality and cats can be extremely affectionate and sociable too. On the other hand, a change in behavior patterns may be your only clue that something is wrong and may warrant veterinary attention. But how can you tell the difference?

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Petlibro Automatic Feeders & Water Fountains Provide A Modern Approach to Cat Care

Food and water are essentials every kitty needs. But food bowls empty fast, and water bowls can be so boring! With Petlibro’s Granary Automatic Cat Feeders and Capsule Water Fountain, you can give your cats a fun, modern dining experience that’s both stylish and clean. And while your feline dears are happily munching and lapping … Read more

Stray Cat Mom Carries Her Newborn Kittens To Safety With Her New Human Friend

The internet has once again been taken by storm via – you guessed it: an adorable kitten video. The absolutely heartwarming video, posted on Reddit last week by user u / catnip4sale, has obtained over eighty thousand upvotes and over one thousand comments. Reddit users worldwide have fallen head-over-heels in love with a brave momma … Read more

Bacci The Cartoon Bengal Cat Helps Children Learn Valuable Life Skills

Psychotherapist Jamie Karia has created a children’s book series based on her beloved Bengal cat, Bacci. This series was created with the hopes of using Bacci’s adorable cartoon character to teach essential skills to children and adults alike, such as communication, self-kindness, mindfulness, and creativity. The adorable cartoon version of Karia’s beloved Bengal was chosen … Read more

Free Hotline Gives Seniors A Chance To Chat With Their Own Virtual Therapy Cat

It’s no secret that the global impact of COVID-19 was incredibly significant for people of all ages. Children were taken out of school, many adults lost their jobs, grocery stores and pharmacies shut down, and not one of us was well prepared for any of it. Perhaps the demographic most significantly affected by this pandemic … Read more

Annual “Cat Extravaganza” Event Raises Money For Ukraine

This week, in the seaside village of Brighton, UK, the Loving Cats Worldwide group (more commonly known as the LCWW) put on their iconic and incredibly unique “Cat Extravaganza” event. This event attracted hundreds of Brighton locals to view what LCWW claimed to be the “most beautiful cats in the world.” “(The) LCWW Group is … Read more

Sweet Cat Becomes Mother To Puppies After Losing All Her Own Kittens

In Melbourne, Australia, a loveable cat puts her motherly instincts to good use by co-parenting a litter of Cavalier King Charles / Poodle puppies. This breed of pups is fondly referred to as the Cavadoodle. The sweet-hearted gray Bengal kitty named Medina has taken on the challenges of puppy parenting following the devastating loss of … Read more

Homeless Cat Comforts Abandoned Dog Until They Are Both Rescued

The love and loyalty of a pet is incredible to experience. Once a dog chooses you, that’s it, you’ve been claimed. You become their everything. But, why does this happen? Well, dogs are naturally pack animals who favor the company of others. Many experts believe that this pack mentality, coupled with a survival instinct, is … Read more