Black Lab Stuns Spectators As He Catches A Wave And Surfs To Shore

Our canine companions are capable of learning all kinds of commands. This includes everything from those who help out their humans to learning tons of tricks. But one incredibly talented black Labrador from England surprised an entire shoreline when he showed off his unexpected surfing skills. A video of him catching a wave was shared … Read more

This Bengal Cat Is Totally Adorable Even When He Catches A Ball With His Face

Being a Bengal cat from Perth, Australia, Virgil is an athletic boy who loves adventuring the bush and taking in all the sights. He enjoys stalking the wilds, smelling the flowers, and striking a handsome feline pose for Instagram fans. And his more than 50k fans can’t get enough of his Bengal beauty! But for … Read more

‘He is a monster’: Mississippi man catches mega catfish | Fishing

A lifelong fisherman in Mississippi has smashed a state record after catching a “monster” catfish weighing in at 131lbs (59.4-kilogram). The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks said Eugene Cronley, of Brandon, caught the blue catfish on April 7 in the Mississippi River near Natchez. “I’ve been catfishing all my life and I never … Read more