Priority cull report key feature in Johne’s control in autumn

A priority cull report, a tool to improve Johne’s disease management in dairy herds, will be the focus of a series of Johne’s masterclasses for vets. Developed by the Action Group on Johne’s, the report is included in NMR’s (formerly known as National Milk Records) Johne’s screening service, HerdWise, from October 1. NMR vet Karen … Read more

Study heralds thermal image device success in detecting dairy cattle lameness

A study led by an RVC undergraduate has found low-cost thermal imaging devices could be as effective in detecting lameness in dairy cattle when compared with more expensive devices. The study, published in Veterinary Scienceshighlighted the effectiveness of cheaper infrared thermal imaging devices in identifying the condition, and could lead to even wider use of … Read more

Concerns that badger culling will continue past the 2025 target

Badger culling in the UK could continue beyond 2025 amid the conflicting claims about whether the practice is effective in curbing the spread of bTB, Defra has admitted. Officials insist the department’s stance has not changed following the appointment of the new environment secretary Ranil Jayawardena, despite anti-cull protests taking place in his constituency. But … Read more

Examination Room: Caitrina Oakes

Q Could you tell us a little bit about what your role as managing director entails and some of its key responsibilities? or In a nutshell, I’m responsible for leading the Vetoquinol business in the UK and Ireland. We’re a global organization that has existed for a long time – coming up to 90 years. … Read more

Bimeda relaunches amoxicillin suspension injection

Bimeda has announced a relaunch for its Bimoxyl LA 150mg/ml suspension for injection containing 150mg/ml amoxicillin. The product is licensed for use in cattle, sheep, pigs and dogs for the treatment of infections caused by amoxicillin-susceptible bacteria. Mark Cokayne, Bimeda UK general manager, said: “We are pleased to announce the relaunch of Bimoxyl LA Suspension … Read more

Government scientists confirm anatoxin poisoning in dogs

Government scientists have confirmed a dog died of anatoxin poisoning after encountering blue-green algae on a trip to a lake. Cove, a two-year-old flat-coated retriever, appeared to lick material close to or on a dead fish at the water’s edge of Wimbleball Lake on Exmoor in Somerset, and was in distress within 10 minutes, displaying … Read more

Welsh farm project leads the way in addressing AMR

Embracing technology is critical to cutting the use of antibiotics in farming and potentially raising the industry’s productivity, a group of vets and producers has said. Twelve farms across Wales are taking part in the latest phase of the Arwain DGC project, which aims to highlight ways of preventing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) as “proof of … Read more

Nutrition in cattle – essential trace elements

“You are what you eat” sums up the need for a balanced diet. When reviewing the diet for cattle under our care, consideration must be given to the potential for suboptimal performance or disease when a failure to deliver occurs. This article focuses on the trace elements essential for a balanced diet in cattle, whether … Read more

Calls to cut bTB badger culling as species at ‘extinction risk’

Badgers could be pushed into extinction in some areas of England if a new round of culling, intended to reduce the spread of bTB, goes ahead, welfare groups have said. Representatives of six leading organizations have called for an immediate suspension of the program, arguing that the current drought and recent heatwaves have created “desperate” … Read more