Mom Can’t Reach 8-Month-Old Baby Caught In Fire With Puppy, Dog ‘Sacrifices’ Himself To Save Her

Erika Poremski, a mother of eight-month-old Viviana, got out for a few minutes to get something from her vehicle. When she looked around to go back inside, she discovered that her house was on fire, burning away at the lives of both her child and cherished dog Polo. Image / Story Source Credit: WBAL-TV 11 … Read more

Army Veteran Nervously Awaits Reunion With His Military Dog, Moment ‘Caught’ On Live-TV

Tina was a military working dog that served with the United States Embassy in Baghdad since 2014. She and her handler, Specialist Mark Kropp of Shenandoah, were tasked with keeping explosives and other harmful materials out of the embassy. Image / Story Source Credit: WNEP 16 – The News Station Tina was sent back to … Read more

Adoptable Dog Dashes Through Two Tunnels And Two States Before He’s Caught

Bailey, a seven-month-old German Shepherd mix, broke out of a backyard in Brooklyn and went on an epic nine-day adventure. (If you’re going to become a “runaway,” you might as well make it worth your while!) The seven-month-old German Shepherd / Akita mix was ambitious, despite his young age, and managed to give his trainer … Read more

Cute Dog ‘Shamelessly’ Tries To Smile His Way Out After He’s Caught Stealing Food

Miller is a charming rescue dog that Leah Delerme could not live without. Miller is his mother’s favorite, and he knows it. This is why he is such a spoiled, mischievous boy who feels he can never get into any trouble with his mother! Image / Story Source Credit: YouTube Video In this amusing clip … Read more

The Search Is On For The Person Caught Abusing Dog On Ring Doorbell Camera

Horrific abuse was recently captured on a Ring doorbell camera in the early hours of the morning. As the abuser walked their dog along the sidewalk, they soon began to slam the dog on the ground and drag them along the pavement. Investigators in the Southeast Washington DC area are searching for the person responsible … Read more

Rabid red fox that bit nine on Capitol Hill caught and euthanized | US news

Health officials in Washington DC have euthanized a red fox that was responsible for biting at least nine people on Capitol Hill, including a congressman, and which tested positive for rabies. The female fox was captured on Tuesday and by Wednesday, officials from the DC health department confirmed that she had been “humanely euthanized” so … Read more