Fish passes give endangered twaite shad a chance to swim up the Severn River and spawn fold

For nearly two centuries, one of Britain’s rarest fish has been shut out of its spawning grounds by large weirs. But the endangered twaite shad has now returned to its historic spawning habitat on the River Severn, thanks to four new fish passes which enable the migratory fish to negotiate weirs and swim up the … Read more

Seize ‘once in generation’ law reform chance, BVA boss tells politicians

The BVA’s president has urged MPs and peers to take “a once-in-a-generation opportunity” to reform the laws that govern the veterinary sector. Malcolm Morley argued that reform now would raise public confidence and might help tackle other current problems in the sector. He also called for cross-party collaboration on long-sought animal welfare legislation and an … Read more

Snarling Chihuahua Looked For Safe Spot With Only Man Who’d Give Him A Chance

Lee Asher is no ordinary man. He rescues hard-to-place dogs and fosters them. During their stay at his home, he works with the ones that are “unadoptable.” When Lee heard about an aggressive Chihuahua named Kai languishing in the shelter, he drove to meet him. Kai had been growling and lashing out so much that … Read more

This Rehab Center Offers Dogs Deemed “Unadoptable” A Second Chance

The ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center has made it its mission to give traumatized dogs a second chance at life. Their skilled training not only saves these terrified pups from euthanasia due to behavioral struggles, but it helps them learn how to truly love their lives. This impressive rehabilitation center is changing the lives of terrified … Read more

Free Hotline Gives Seniors A Chance To Chat With Their Own Virtual Therapy Cat

It’s no secret that the global impact of COVID-19 was incredibly significant for people of all ages. Children were taken out of school, many adults lost their jobs, grocery stores and pharmacies shut down, and not one of us was well prepared for any of it. Perhaps the demographic most significantly affected by this pandemic … Read more

‘Traumatized’ Husky Gets Second Chance In Life When ‘Her Person’ Walked-In

Meet Lilac. She spent her life on the street and was frequently seen walking past an elementary school. When Hope For Paws helped rescue her, they witnessed first-hand how frightened she was. As they lowered food to entice her in and then capture her, she fought fiercely. Lilac had no clue that these humans were … Read more

Second chance: 80 critically endangered spotted tree frogs to be released into Kosciuszko national park | Environment

Two years after the 2019-20 summer bushfires nearly wiped out the species, 80 critically endangered spotted tree frogs are jumping back into the wild in NSW. “Releasing these 80 spotted tree frogs back into the wild, despite all the setbacks this species has faced, is a reminder to have optimism about the conservation work we’re … Read more

Abuse Survivor Too Scared To Even Walk Upright Gets A Second Chance

Dogs who survive hoarding or severe neglect cases often develop fear and trust issues, through no fault of their own. With kindness, support, and patience, these dogs can learn to trust again and show off their true, loving personalities. When 80 dogs were rescued from a neglect case in Florida, it took collaboration between several … Read more

Pit Bull Chained Up In Snow Cried For Help, Police Officer Gives Her The ‘Chance Of A Lifetime’

This story is absolutely going to WARM your heart and besides, happy endings are ALWAYS a great thing to watch! Dog lovers are aware that it’s not the breed of the dog that matters, but how well that dog has been raised, treated, and loved. Pit Bulls have a bad reputation among some people, which … Read more