Top Tories may change – but the ideas stay the same Letters

You argue that it would be churlish not to credit advances in diverse representation in the Tory cabinet (Editorial, September 7). But is there any real advance if the views being espoused by its new members are still remarkably similar to the white men they have replaced, and in some cases actually denying the experience … Read more

Vet law change ‘necessary and timely’, RCVS boss warns new PM

The new prime minister Liz Truss has been urged to make the laws governing the veterinary sector fit for the 21st century on her first day in the job. The call came from RCVS president Melissa Donald as senior industry figures set out their priorities following the handover of power. Meanwhile, her BVA counterpart, Justine … Read more

No change to risk after the first case of human-to-pet monkeypox transmission

Scientists in France say they have found what they believe could be the first incident of monkeypox being transmitted from an infected person to their pet dog. The case has been reported in The Lancet medical journal and the researchers said it should prompt wider debate on how pets could be protected when their owners … Read more

Being axed is not a refreshing change Sheffield Hallam University

The head of English at Sheffield Hallam University refers, after the axing of its English literature and English language degrees, to “our refreshed English program” (Letters, 1 July). I hope that this use of the weasel word “refreshed” to mean “axed” is not an indication of the direction of the university’s new BA English degree … Read more

Can I change my pet insurer after a claim?

Either you realized from experience there are better options for yourself and your pet. Or your renewal quote has come up and you do not think the new price is fair. Or you realized your policy was time-limited or maximum-limited and suddenly it does not cover your cat’s urinary issues anymore. There are a lot of reasons for wanting to change pet insurance… But can you?

The short answer for this question is yes, you can change pet insurer after you make a claim. However, there are a few things you should consider before doing so, as it may not always be advantageous.

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Eye on EBVM: how EBVM training will change your life

As a senior RVN at Aberdeen Veterinary Referrals, it’s safe to say I’ve kept busy all day. We are a multidisciplinary referral center specializing in orthopedics, neurosurgery, medicine, oncology and soft tissue, serving the north-east of Scotland. A typical day would be doing routine cruciate / arthroscopy surgeries and spinal investigations, while the medicine team … Read more

Ukraine dog seizures prompt call for rabies status change

A rescue charity is calling for Ukraine’s rabies status to be reassessed after 19 dogs it had rehoused with UK owners were seized because their rabies documents failed to check out. Burton upon Trent-based charity Paw Help Rescue and Adopt UK said it had been bringing rescue dogs into the UK from Ukraine for two … Read more