Adopted Dog Was Afraid Of Everything And One Night With His Brother Changed All

Hedgie had a difficult start in life. His first owners chained him up outside as a puppy and never showed him love. When he was eventually adopted and brought home by his new family, the little guy was terrified of everyone and everything. He just cowered behind the table. Image / Story Source Credit: Instagram … Read more

Country diary: Much has changed in this vast, natural amphitheater | Birds

The Burbage Valley has been my working week and Sunday rest since the day almost 40 years ago, when a mate and I bunked off school to climb on the gritstone edges that fringe this vast, natural amphitheater. Much has changed since then, most of it for the better, but the geomantic drama of the … Read more

A moment that changed me: I went to a party – and spent all evening with the host’s puppy | Life and style

The am a ridiculously early person. If possible, I tend to be at least 30 minutes early for everything. These days, this is an excuse to get some extra reading time; it used to be an opportunity for a glass of wine to settle my nerves when jumping into a party. On the night in … Read more