Brave Labrador Retriever Chases Off Coyote, Saving His Pup-Sister

While coyotes look like fluffy, harmless members of the canine family, they can often be dangerous predators that threaten the safety of smaller, more vulnerable family members. Such was the case when a brave Boston Terrier faced death last week when a wild coyote jumped a six-foot brick wall surrounding a California family home. Sadie, … Read more

Puppy Dumped By Owner In Middle Of Nowhere, Chases A Jogger And Begs To Be Rescued

A puppy was discovered hiding behind the bushes one morning on this popular walkway on the outskirts of the city by a runner who was out for a run. The dog had been abandoned by its owners and was hiding from him. Image / Story Source Credit: TDPets via YouTube Video The jogger went on … Read more

Actress Jena Malone Chases Down Man Violently Abusing Dog In Public

WARNING: This article contains content that may be sensitive to some readers. Actress Jena Malone is not one to keep quiet when she sees an animal in danger. The Hunger Games star witnessed a man abusing a tiny dog ​​on the side of the road. So, she stopped what she was doing and made sure … Read more