Cool leaf! Study records chimp showing off object in human-like way | Animal behavior

Chimpanzees show each other objects just for the sake of it, researchers have found, revealing that it is not only humans who like to draw attention to items that have captured their interest. No one who has spent time with a child knows, even very young humans like to point out objects to others. However … Read more

Chimp escapes from Kharkiv zoo before being given raincoat and taken back on bike – video | Global

There was a glimpse of humor for the residents of Kharkiv in Ukraine, as an escaped chimpanzee from a local zoo wandered around the city’s streets. Chichi, who broke out of the zoo on Monday, was followed around by the zoo’s employees who attempted to persuade her to return. After a spot of rain, Chichi … Read more

Zoo Staff ‘Refused’ To Save Drowning Chimp, Suddenly Man Jumps Into Enclosure

For those standing near the chimpanzee exhibit, a typical day at the Detroit Zoo quickly descended into pandemonium. Spectators were enthralled as two chimps giggled and chased each other around the area, but then everything changed. Rick Swope was standing right in front of the enclosure and decided to step in and help instead of … Read more