Chimpanzee escapes from zoo in under-fire Ukrainian city | Ukraine

A chimpanzee who escaped Kharkiv city zoo on Monday was persuaded to return by a zoo employee who wheeled it back on a bicycle. Staff at the zoo in Ukraine’s second largest city were struggling to persuade Chichi, who had wandered around the streets and a nearby park, to return to the zoo with them. … Read more

City tells New Yorkers: don’t panic about ‘splooting’ squirrels | New York

It’s baking hot in New York, which can only mean one thing for the city’s small mammal population: it’s spoiling season. This week, with temperatures reaching 95F (35C), the city’s parks department urged residents not to worry about the health of squirrels seen sprawling on the ground, legs extended behind them like a person whose … Read more

Deaf “Miracle Dog” Returns To Devastated Family After A Year Lost In A Strange City

Rufus is an adorable five-year-old Blue Heeler. He was reunited with his family this week after spending nearly a year alone on the streets of Santa Fe. Rufus, who is completely deaf, escaped from his family home in early September 2021, and an entire community has been on the search for him since. There were … Read more

Monkey put down but hunt still on after attacks in Japanese city | Japan

Hunters on the trail of a group of monkeys that have attacked and wounded nearly 50 people in western Japan have caught and killed one of them. Officials in Yamaguchi city have been trying for weeks to track down the group, who have made national headlines by assaulting residents, leaving mostly mild scratches and bites. … Read more

Monkey attacks injure 42 people in Japanese city | Japan

Local authorities in a Japanese city are to use tranquilizer guns to confront marauding monkeys that have injured 42 people in recent weeks. Japanese macaques are common across large parts of the country and are a pest in some areas, eating crops and sometimes entering homes. But a spate of monkey attacks in Yamaguchi in … Read more

‘A gaping wound’: how a film about birds of prey is a warning to India’s capital city | Movies

The award-winning documentary All That Breathes is a meditation on life in Delhi through the eyes and hands of two brothers that nurse injured birds back to health. After winning the world cinema grand jury prize at the Sundance film festival this year it is screening at Cannes, and in many ways it is easier … Read more

‘Dawn of a new creature’: after a vicious attack, a city ponders living with coyotes | Dallas

Even before a two-year-old was snatched from a Dallas porch by a hungry coyote, the parents in the neighborhood knew something terrible was bound to happen. The coyotes that usually stayed in wooded areas or a nearby creekbed had been coming closer and closer. One was spotted by a doorbell camera stealing a food delivery … Read more