8-Year-Old Pokemon Trainer Sells Card Collection To Save His Puppy’s Life

Update 6/2/2021 – After 8-year-old Bryson Kliemann sold his Pokemon cards to pay for his beloved puppy’s medical bills, the Pokemon company was touched. Most Pokemon fans wouldn’t be willing to give up their prized possessions so easily, so it speaks volumes about how much Bryson cares about his dog Bruce. So, Pokemon sent Bryson … Read more

New BSAVA collection to help hedgehogs

BSAVA has released a new collection of resources to help veterinary professionals treat hedgehogs in practice. The collection’s publication coincides with Hedgehog Awareness Week (1 to 7 May), which aims to highlight the ongoing plight of hedgehogs and what the veterinary profession can do to help. Legal questions A variety of materials from CompanyBSAVA Congress … Read more