Incomplete pentalogy of Cantrell in a border collie

A four-year-old male neutered border collie named Bo was presented to his first opinion practice with a week’s history of lethargy, exercise intolerance, weight loss, intermittent vomiting, and polyuria and polydipsia (PU/PD). Investigations included blood work – namely complete blood count (CBC), serum biochemistry, coagulation times, vitamin B12folate, trypsin-like immunoreactivity and canine pancreas-specific lipase – … Read more

What is ‘Collie Eye Anomaly’?

‘Collie Eye Anomaly’ (CEA), also known as ‘collie eye defect,’ is a congenital condition in dogs. While this disease may arise in many dog ​​breeds, it is typically over-represented in collies, hence the name given. This condition presents challenges to those affected including eye defects or visual impairment. This article will explain what CEA is, what the clinical signs are, how it is diagnosed and how we test for it.

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