Pet Food Company Receives FDA Warning After Failing To Fix Safety Concerns

Pet food company Sunshine Mills has faced lots of controversy in the past few years after several recalls occurred. Since an FDA warning in 2019, they’ve had at least five recalls, several of which involved elevated levels of aflatoxin. The FDA has given Sunshine Mills plenty of opportunities to address these issues, but they’re still … Read more

California Company That Illegally Leased Dogs Settles For $ 900k

Here at, our mantra is definitely “adopt, do not shop.” Beyond the ethical concerns, purchasing dogs from breeders or pet stores comes with a host of other dangers. The most common problem associated with purchasing dogs is seller scams. A recent lawsuit brings to light a unique kind of dog buying scam: leasing. The … Read more

Wind energy company pleads guilty to killing at least 150 eagles | Wind power

An American wind energy company that pleaded guilty to federal criminal charges after at least 150 eagles were killed, most hacked by turbine blades, has agreed to spend as much as $ 27m on efforts to prevent more deaths. ESI Energy, a subsidiary of NextEra Energy, one of the largest US providers of renewable energy, … Read more