Promising new splint design would ‘return power to vets’

Splint materials commonly used in the treatment of humans could now provide better care with fewer side effects for dogs, a new report has suggested. Further studies of the UPETS system are now being planned following encouraging results from a small-scale project involving animals treated at three clinics in Norway. The system was launched earlier … Read more

Nowzad cleared by Charity Commission over Afghanistan airlift

The Nowzad charity has been cleared of any wrongdoing over its efforts to airlift scores of animals, plus staff and their families, to the UK from Afghanistan last year. A Charity Commission investigation concluded trustees acted reasonably in relation to Operation Ark and the appeal’s purpose was made clear to supporters. The charity’s founder, Pen … Read more

sponsored Introducing Felpreva® – a breakthrough in parasite protection for cats

Parasite protection for cats can be confusing for pets AND owners – knowing which products to use when, and in what combination. Felpreva® is a breakthrough, all-in-one treatment option that helps to simplify parasite protection for cats: Treats and protects against fleas and ticks for 13 weeks – the longest duration of action compared to … Read more

App hosts livestock data all in one place

Sheep and beef producers can record livestock data in one place, helping to improve farm management and compliance. Breedr, a network set up to help farmers improve efficiencies through free and easy data analysis, has launched a phone app where producers can record lambing details, weights and medicine usage. They will also be able to … Read more

Allergies affecting horses – how RVNs can support such cases

Allergies are commonly seen in equine patients. This article will look at two of the main respiratory and skin allergies that affect horses, and investigate how the RVN can assist the vet with the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders. Equine asthma Equine asthma (EA) is one of the most common respiratory diseases of modern-day … Read more

Vets welcome temporary suspension of commercial pet imports

Vets are hoping animal health officials will learn lessons during a temporary ban on pet imports from four European countries to help tackle the illegal animal supply chain. Defra announced it had suspended the commercial importation of cats, dogs and ferrets from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Romania until 14 May because of potential risks to … Read more

New format for equine firocoxib NSAID tablet

The first firocoxib NSAID available in tablet form for horses has now been launched in a 10-tablet blister pack. Audevard Laboratories has introduced the format, in addition to the existing 60-tablet bottle, to improve the ease of use for equine vets. The Equioxx firocoxib tablet is “a new generation equine NSAID” that Audevard said provides … Read more