Pet Food Brand Announces Salmonella Contamination In Private Email

Fresh dog food delivery services are growing in popularity because they can cater specifically to your furry friend’s needs. Yet, like all pet food brands, they can have recalls now and then. Spot & Tango recalled four batches of food on September 6th, 2022, after testing positive for Salmonella bacteria. They only announced the recall … Read more

Several Treat Brands Affected By Salmonella Contamination

Stormberg Foods LLC specializes in air dried dog treats to maintain a high level of protein. But after a recent Salmonella contamination, they’ve had to pull several of their popular products off the shelves. No illnesses have been reported yet, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Salmonella can affect both dogs and … Read more

Raw Dog Food Lot May Have Listeria Contamination

Primal Pet Foods sells a variety of raw dog food formulas, including frozen, freeze-dried, and food toppers. They always test products for bacteria before sending them to stores, but one lot of dog food tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes after going through safety tests at the facility. The US Food and Drug Administration found the … Read more

Popular Food Brand Voluntarily Pulled For Salmonella Contamination

If your dog eats food produced by Freshpet Inc., it’s time to check the bag information. The popular pet food company has voluntarily recalled a single lot of their food due to Salmonella, and some recalled products were shipped out to retailers. Luckily, other Freshpet products besides this lot weren’t affected by the recall. Even … Read more