Dogs may be better at detecting Covid-19 than nasal PCR tests, study finds | Coronavirus

Trained dogs may be able to detect Covid-19 more effectively than nasal swab PCR tests, according to new research. A study published on Wednesday by the peer-reviewed Plos One journal found that canines were able to better detect the presence of Covid than PCR antigenic tests in both symptomatic and asymptomatic people. In the study, … Read more

Pirbright pig respiratory coronavirus model could help COVID-19 knowledge

Scientists at The Pirbright Institute have developed a model of pig respiratory coronavirus (PRCV) they hope will help colleagues researching COVID-19 and other diseases. Human coronaviruses including Middle East respiratory syndrome and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) are zoonotic, so any research to aid understanding of the diseases could potentially benefit both human and animal … Read more

US scientists step up efforts to research Covid in bears, deer and other animals | Coronavirus

To administer this Covid test, Todd Kautz had to lie on his belly in the snow and worm his upper body into the narrow den of a hibernating black bear. Training a light on the bear’s snout, Kautz carefully slipped a long cotton swab into his nostrils. For postdoctoral researcher Kautz and a team of … Read more