Couple adopts rescue dog before meeting him. When the door opens to reveal him they “lose it”

Tracy Whyatt realized that many dogs were being euthanized in high-kill shelters every day with little chance of adoption, so she stepped in and decided to do something about it. Tracy’s Dogs was founded by Tracy Whyatt as a way to save unloved canines. Image / Story Source Credit: OnlyGood TV via YouTube Video Tracy … Read more

Veterinarian Couple Create The Cutest Bandages For Their Injured Kitty’s Tail

Fluffy feline sisters, Maple and Fern, have taken Instagram by storm with their adorable antics. Using the handle “MaplexFern,” these one-year-old littermates assist their parents (who are BOTH veterinarians) in teaching their followers about all things cat. Their most viral Instagram Reel to date was released last week and has since accumulated over one million … Read more

Couple Discovers Their New Rescue Dog Is Related To Their Late Canine

Nicole Sopko and Dan Staackmann love getting DNA tests for their rescue dogs because the results are fascinating. Dogs often have breeds mixed in that you’d never expect! Although they could also have long-lost relatives that are closer than you’d think. The couple adopted a new rescue dog named Frida from a Chicago shelter. After … Read more

‘We had too much to do to be scared’: the couple who fled Irpin with 19 dogs | Ukraine

The image of a windswept young woman holding tight to the leads of nine dogs under an ominously dark sky spread far and wide at the time of the Battle of Kyiv. The apparent bravery of the woman, who was attempting an audacious evacuation across a broken bridge targeted by Russian fire, and the vulnerability … Read more

Couple kill bear who attacked them at home after it charged through window | Wisconsin

A Wisconsin couple say they killed a bear who attacked them inside their home after they spotted it eating from their bird feeder. The Taylor county sheriff’s office said the attack happened at about 11pm Friday at a home near Medford in north-central Wisconsin. The couple told authorities that the bear charged through a window … Read more

A Skydiving Accident Led This Couple To Their Perfect Rescue Dog

Whether or not you believe everything happens for a reason, this story makes a strong case for silver linings. This spring, Ian Azeredo and his wife Linda Farkas adopted Otter, a spunky mixed breed rescue dog, from St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, New Jersey. If it hadn’t been for a terrible skydiving accident … Read more

Gator aid: Florida couple call for help after can-do alligator drinks Diet Cokes | Florida

A gregarious Florida alligator seemingly could not wait for a family’s birthday party to begin, so it slipped into a garage where supplies were being stored and chugged down a slab of Diet Coke. The uninvited guest surprised Naples homeowners Karyn and Jamie Dobson when they opened the connecting door from their house after hearing … Read more

Couple Spreads The Word About This Accidental Poisoning After Tragically Losing Their Two Dogs

A Utah family wants pet owners to be aware of a winter hazard far more deadly than frostbite. Katrina Burrell and her husband said goodbye to their 2 dogs Monday morning after they were diagnosed with Ethylene glycol poisoning. The chemical is most commonly found in antifreeze and has a naturally sweet taste that attracts … Read more