Covid | My Shetland

I have been feeling a bit grotty since the day before yesterday. I thought I had a cold but no, I have tested positive for Covid. It never occurred to me it could be Covid. But life goes on and so does feeding the horses…. And then the ponies….. … plus some nose kisses – … Read more

Big 6: COVID – where do we go from here?

For the final installment of our Big 6 series, sponsored by Purina, we revisited the topics from our previous five articles and asked our panel the question: “Where do we go from here?” We asked former RCVS president and IVC chief medical officer Amanda Boag, veterinary business consultant Alan Robinson, practice owner Lorna Clark, Purina’s … Read more

Australian almond harvest in jeopardy as ‘Covid for bees’ strikes apiaries | Bees

The discovery of a deadly parasite being described as “Covid for bees” has had an immediate impact on apiaries, with a ban on movement across New South Wales, but is also likely to affect other agricultural industries, including the upcoming almond blossom season. Every August, the almond industry requires 300,000 beehives to pollinate the national … Read more

After losing our family dogs, we could not bear more grief. Then Covid brought puppy love back into our lives | Maddie Thomas

Two years ago, when my family dog ​​died, it marked the end of an era. There were no scuttling feet and a sniff to greet me when I came home to visit and no companion for my parents to go on walks with. We have had a dog for as long as I can remember. … Read more

Danish farmers turn their backs on mink after Covid mutation cull | Environment

Danish mink breeders have turned their backs on the industry en masse after being forced to cull their animals over fears a Covid-19 mutation could pose a risk to human health. In November 2020, Denmark, at that point the world’s largest mink producer, controversially announced it would cull approximately 15 million animals due to fears … Read more

Linnaeus Post Registration Program hosts first in-person training session since COVID

The Linnaeus Post Registration Program (PRP) has hosted its first in-person training day since 2020. The event – which took place in Solihull on 19 April – had 18 nurses attending from Linnaeus’ nationwide referral hospitals. Remote learning Part of the day was dedicated to a teaching and mentoring workshop, with the nurses given time … Read more

US scientists step up efforts to research Covid in bears, deer and other animals | Coronavirus

To administer this Covid test, Todd Kautz had to lie on his belly in the snow and worm his upper body into the narrow den of a hibernating black bear. Training a light on the bear’s snout, Kautz carefully slipped a long cotton swab into his nostrils. For postdoctoral researcher Kautz and a team of … Read more

COVID fears led practice decisions on EMS placements – SPVS survey

Most practices love providing EMS placements, but 60% cited risk of COVID as the main reason for not offering places during the pandemic, according to new findings. In a survey of more than 200 of its members, SPVS wanted to define views about the provision of EMS during the pandemic. When asked what they felt … Read more