Frog hotels: scientists build creative urban shelters to draw species back to Australian cities | Australia news

Tadpoling is a thing of the past in many suburban creeks, as humans encroach on frogs’ territory. But there is a way to lure them back – frog hotels. Herpetologist Dr Jodi Rowley, from the Australian Museum, says frogs are the “canary in the coalmine” that suffer first when the environment is toxic. “Most frog … Read more

Construction Workers Find A Creative Way To Rescue Drowning Dog

A construction crew was working near an irrigation channel in Ecuador. They received a radio alert telling them that a dog was trapped in the channel with the water pushing him towards the workers. The crew stopped what they were doing and quickly came up with a plan to save the dog. Using the resources … Read more

Meet The Judge Who Gives Creative Sentences To Animal Abusers

Judge Michael Cicconetti is no ordinary judge. When he dishes out sentences, they usually come with a creative twist that he hopes will teach offenders a valuable lesson. We’re particularly fond of the judge’s treatment of animal abusers and neglecters. From spending the day at a dump to a night alone in the wilderness, Judge … Read more