Man Held Baby Critter, Paraded Her Up And Down Beach So Her Cries Were Heard

A man enjoying his daily walk behind his house heard frantic cries for help. Investigating, he did not find anything or anyone around but was perplexed. The situation was not typical of the norm, so the man continued down the beach to see what was happening. As the man continued to walk closer to the … Read more

Woman Spots Odd Shape In Park Field, Cries Out As She Puts Her Hand Inside

Judy Obregon is a dog rescue volunteer who spends most of her time looking for abandoned dogs. These pooches weren’t important enough to their callous owners to be properly handed in. Instead, they were left on roadsides, in parks, and all around the world. She was on her way to a notorious landfill despite being … Read more

Dog Cries As She Heard ‘Newborn’ Baby Crying For The First Time And Knew ‘What To Do’

For those who have brought home a newborn or child into their home with an existing 4-legged fur-baby, this story is so sweet. Meet Bella, the Boxer who met Malina, her new best friend. This is their story! Bella the Boxer dog has always been a favorite of her family. When Bella’s mother was expecting … Read more

He Shook And Wailed In Pain ‘Hoping’ Someone Would Respond To His ‘Mournful’ Cries

A crying puppy in pain is unpleasant to hear, but that’s exactly what a good Samaritan in northern Minnesota heard recently. The bloodcurdling wail went on and on, so the considerate individual went outside to investigate the cause. When the person arrived at the source of the pleasures and moans, they discovered a tiny 4-month-sized … Read more