Badger ‘extinction’ warning as cull license details finally revealed

The “local extinction” of badgers in parts of England is now a reality because of the controversial culling policy intended to combat bTB, campaigners have claimed. The Badger Trust has accused Defra of turning the country into a “killing field” after it emerged that more than 67,000 of the mammals could be slaughtered this year … Read more

Cull silence creating ‘chaotic and dangerous’ situation on the ground, Badger Trust warns

Campaigners have slammed what they say is the “chaotic and dangerous” situation created by continuing secrecy over where new intensive badger culls are taking place in England. The Badger Trust has claimed the activity, which is meant to help curb the spread of bTB, is “out of control” amid claims the terms of cull licenses … Read more

Police investigate threat to ‘firebomb’ national parks office over Kosciuszko horse cull | Invasive species

Police are investigating a letter threatening to “firebomb” a New South Wales national parks office in the Snowy Mountains region over the culling of feral horses in the Kosciuszko national park. The state’s environment minister, James Griffin, said the “disgraceful and unacceptable” behavior had been reported to NSW police, while the head of the National … Read more

Priority cull report key feature in Johne’s control in autumn

A priority cull report, a tool to improve Johne’s disease management in dairy herds, will be the focus of a series of Johne’s masterclasses for vets. Developed by the Action Group on Johne’s, the report is included in NMR’s (formerly known as National Milk Records) Johne’s screening service, HerdWise, from October 1. NMR vet Karen … Read more

Experts call for stop to badger cull as link to bovine TB is contested Badgers

Scientists, vets and naturalists are calling for a moratorium on the badger cull in the light of evidence that they say shows nine years of killing badgers has failed to reduce bovine TB in cattle. The culling of legally protected badgers to reduce cattle TB enters its 10th season this summer despite a scientific paper … Read more

Apology call over Government dismissal of badger cull paper

Researchers behind a paper suggesting the controversial badger cull is having no impact in the fight against bTB have demanded a public apology from Defra. Ecologist Tom Langton, along with vets Mark Jones and Iain McGill, have written to environment secretary George Eustice calling for an apology and a retraction following Government criticism of a … Read more

Danish farmers turn their backs on mink after Covid mutation cull | Environment

Danish mink breeders have turned their backs on the industry en masse after being forced to cull their animals over fears a Covid-19 mutation could pose a risk to human health. In November 2020, Denmark, at that point the world’s largest mink producer, controversially announced it would cull approximately 15 million animals due to fears … Read more

US egg factory roasts alive 5.3m chickens in avian flu cull – then fires almost every worker | Bird flu

Labourers at the one of the world’s largest egg factories arrived at the plant in Rembrandt, Iowa, early one morning in March to discover they were about to work themselves out of a job. As they gathered at the huge barns housing stacks of caged hens, the workers were told to forget about their usual … Read more

‘Rats of the sea’: backlash after Cornish fishers call for seal cull | Marine life

Seals are the “rats of the sea” and should be culled, a group of Cornish fishers have said. Marine campaign groups hit back after fishers on an online marketplace and forum expressed anger about the amount of fish seals eat. Posting a statistic that “for every fish caught by our fisheries, seals eat 53 times … Read more