Never Fear! Masked Cat Zorro Has Come To Banish Bad Days With His Cuteness

In 1919, author Johnston McCulley introduced the world to a masked vigilante known as Zorro. Wherever tyranny and injustice reigned, Zorro would be there to set right the wrongs. From those pulp novels, Zorro’s fame further rose when cinema gave celluloid life to his swashbuckling adventures. And in recent weeks, cat dad Indraini Wahyudin Noor … Read more

These 21 Social Media Posts Sum Up The Fun & Cuteness of Cats & Dogs

Here’s the easiest math equation you’ll ever solve. What does you plus one furry pet equal? That’s right, a lifetime of love! And with all the snuggles, tail wags, and whiskery kisses your cats and dogs bestow upon you, expect some fun and laughs too. Since other pawrents love to share the antics of their … Read more