Why should I feed a dog with cystitis a special diet?

Cystitis is a common canine condition, particularly in female dogs. Cystitis means inflammation of the bladder. This can be caused by lots of different factors including bacterial infections, urinary stones and underlying health conditions. Some dogs will suffer a single bout of cystitis that clears readily on the right medication. But other dogs will be prone to recurrent bouts which may need further investigation or longer term treatment. One such treatment is a special “urinary” diet.

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It’s all in the name – should we rename FIC and CDS?

First impressions count – the first time we tell an owner the name of the condition their pet has developed establishes their understanding of their pet’s problem. For example: “Ms. Jones, we have found that Milo has feline idiopathic cystitis [FIC] and we understand that stress plays a major role… ” What does the owner … Read more

Indoor life for outdoor animals – reducing stress for small furries

Indoor keeping of rabbits and guinea pigs is extremely common and, in the case of guinea pigs, it is rare to see animals genuinely kept outside. This is marked change from the situation just a couple of decades ago, when most animals were still kept outside. So, have these prey species been adapted sufficiently to … Read more